Cloud Consulting and Collaborative Telepresence for Enterprise Resource Planning

Cost savings are only the beginning when your ERP selection consultant utilizes Collaborative Telepresence on the cloud, instead of repeatedly travelling to your location, at high hourly rates. Expenses like flights, hotels, rental cars, and meals are eliminated. When your consultant employs teleconferencing and videoconferencing from their headquarters instead of travelling, you can expect the cost to be half or less. And the results are better because your staff is not compelled by travel costs to devote more consecutive days with the consultant than can reasonably be consumed. In addition, when you engage Enterprise Resource Consulting your consultant will have more than 30 years of experience with ERP and its predecessors.

What do we mean by Collaborative Telepresence? Utilizing teleconferencing and/or video conferencing, we analyze the business and concurrently supervise the efforts of representatives from:

  • Your various departments and facilities
  • All involved software vendors
  • Your network infrastructure support entity

It’s virtually impossible to get those groups together at your site for essential meetings!

What Cloud Consulting Means for Your Business

After our consultant’s efforts help choose the best ERP vendor for your business, the vendor we recommend will, of course, have their implementation team at your site for an extended period, and is responsible for the technical part of the implementation. During the implementation phase, we trust you will also allow ERC to manage the project, keeping it on schedule and within the budget, and guiding your staff through the organizational change. 

Our Collaborative Telepresence cloud model means that our fixed cost will be a fraction of what other consulting firms will estimate when they plan multiple trips to your offices. Their method is counterproductive. We’ll get more done, faster, because we’re working far more efficiently. Not only will other consulting firms estimate several times what we will, but their estimates are not fixed, and when all is said and done, will likely exceed the estimate. The result is a blown budget before the implementation even begins!

How Cloud Consulting Will Save Your Time and Yield Better Service

  • Expensive travel won’t persuade you to limit consulting firms to the ones based near to your office. You’ll be able to select the firm you feel will do the best job at the best price.
  • Since your ERC consultant won’t be “on the road” with another client, your calls will be addressed promptly, and you will never pay for a consultant to be in your office while on the phone with another client.
  • Our fixed price means you’ll never have to justify being over budget.
  • Since we’re almost always in the office, appointments are scheduled at your convenience, and at a pace you are comfortable with. And rescheduling when your priority changes is easy to accomplish when there are no travel plans to change.


Take your business to the next level with Cloud Consulting!

Our fixed price is based on the number of “named” users, and the type of business you are managing. Based on these parameters, you can see your final fixed price here.

Begin Your Project on the Path to Success

Why do we offer fixed pricing? The average ERP implementation project is completed 11% over budget, and it begins with the selection portion. An experienced professional should know how long it will take to recommend the best system for your business, and therefore what it will cost – and we do. A consultant who is not certain of how long the project will take will quote you an hourly rate. This means that they are “learning on your dime”. With Enterprise Resource Consulting helping you to select either the right cloud-based or onsite ERP system, you can get the best value for your time and money.