Industry Experience

Our industry experience includes those below, primarily in manufacturing and wholesale distribution.   It encompasses the various aspects of the software delivery life cycle including, presale evaluation, systems design, project documentation and planning, programming, implementation, training, deployment, program modifications, and failing implementation project rescue.

Wholesale Distribution

Jerry’s Artarama
Walls Alive, Inc.
Triple V Sales, Inc.
Citrus and Allied Essences Ltd.
Kenneth Hargreaves Inc.
New York International Sales, Inc.
Sentinel Diversified Industries, Inc.
Susco Electronics, Inc.
Newtronix Systems, Inc.
Chugai International Corp.
Speco Technologies
Accurate Ingredients, Inc.
Jaca Wholesale Grocery Corp.
A. Bohrer Inc.
Alnor Oil Co., Inc.
Elias J. Leiter Co.
Barry Optical
Savoy Medical Supply, Inc.
Travers Tool Co., Inc.
Viking Criterion
Bainbridge Paper Products, Inc.
Shredex, Inc.
Cornell Paper & Box Company
Penn Plax Pet Products
General Pet Supply
Royal Pet Supplies
Eastern Safety Equipment, Inc.
Firestone Plywood
Lamp Technology, Inc.
Bristol Sports Corp.
Eastern Steel Corporation
Morgan Steel Corporation
Nucci Bros. Pool Supplies Inc.
Poly-Commodity Corp.
Perfect Thread Co., Inc.
Apex Packing & Rubber Co., Inc.

Art Supply
Art Supply & Wallpaper
Auto Parts & Tires
Chemicals & Aromatic Essential Oils
Construction Equipment & Materials
Construction Equipment & Supplies
Electromagnetic Locking Systems
Electronic Components
Electronic Parts
Electronic Scale & Monitor
Electronic Video Surveillance
Food Bulk Importer
Food Distribution
Importer & distributor of Vegetable Oil
Lamps & Lighting
Medical Devices & Supplies
Metalworking & Industrial Tool
Paper Shredding Equipment
Paper, Tissue, & Shipping Supplies
Pet Products
Pet Products
Pet Products
Safety Equipment
Sheet Plywood & Commercial Roofing
Specialty Light Bulbs
Sporting goods
Steel & Services
Steel & Services
Swimming Pool Supplies
Tool & Gaskets

Manufacturing (Discrete)

Coast-Line International
East/West Industries, Inc.
Welbilt Corp.
Knitcapers, Inc.
TDK U.S.A. Corporation
Phoenix Environmental Labs, Inc.
Poly-Pak Industries
Firematic Supply Company, Inc.
Cecilware Corporation
Electro Freeze Tri-State
Springer Penguin
Schott North America, Inc.
Floral Glass & Mirror, Inc.
Bystronic Glass
Artemide Inc.
Leather Craftsmen Inc.
Tiffen Company
Edward Fields, Inc.
Global Precision Parts
Kloeckner Metals
Action Packaging Corporation
Volckening, Inc.
North American Enclosures, Inc.
Studio Magnetics Co., Inc.
General Refrigermetics Corp.
Pibbs Industries
State Sewing Machine Co.
Justus Roe Company
NSI International, Inc.
Drybranch, Inc.

Aerospace & Industrial
Aerospace Equipment
Air Conditioner & Food Machine
Electronic Components
Environmental Testing Laboratory
Extruder & Printer of Polyethylene Products
Fire Rescue Equipment
Food & Beverage Equipment
Food Preparation Equipment
Glass Plate Windows, Mirrors, Etc.
Glass Processing Machines
Lamps & Lighting
Leather Wedding Album
Lens & Photographic Inaging Equipment
Luxury Carpet
Metal Fabrication
Metal Fabrication
Packaging Equipment
Packaging Technology
Picture Frames
Recording Media
Refrigeration Parts
Salon, Beauty, and Spa Equipment
Sewing Machine
Steel Measuring Tape
Toys & Crafts
Toys, Sports, & Hobby Goods

Manufacturing (Process)

Independent Chemical Corp.
Scientific Corp.
Love & Quiches Gourmet
Ajinomoto North America, Inc.
Medical Action Industries, Inc.
Poly Scientific R&D Corp.
Graham-Field Health Products, Inc.
Pisa Biopharm

Chemical Custom Synthesis
Chemical, Stain, & Reagent
Food (Desserts & Quiches)
High-quality Amino Acid Food
Medical & Surgical Equipment
Medical Diagnostic Chemicals
Medical Products
Pharmaceutical & Medical Device


Village of Scarsdale
Jonathan David Publishers, Inc.
A. Oriel Company, Inc.
Creative Foods
MCN Distributors, Inc.

Water Billing
Book Publishing
Candy & Cigarettes Rack Jobber
Food Restaurant Franchisee
Food Service Management
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Service